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Tuesday 16 April 2024

Police crackdown on vicious gang that rape men in Lagos


Police authorities in Lagos State have arrested eight members of a gang that specialize in subjecting their victims to several hours of anal sex after dispossessing them of their properties and cash.

The suspects were arrested in the highbrow areas of Lekki, Ajah and Ikoyi.

Police are making efforts to apprehend fleeing members of the vicious gang made up of young men between the ages of 23 and 40.

Police sources said the young men usually rent living apartments in the highbrow areas of the city after which they embark on a search for their victims.

They usually place notices in strategic areas of the city, advertising job vacancies and acting as estate agents.

Job and accommodation seekers who respond to their adverts would be taken to their apartments, usually situated in one of the booming estates, where they are then subjected to all kinds of torture aimed at forcing them to release their account details after which members of the gang would have forced anal sex with them.

Their operational method is to roam around with exotic cars including high-flying SUVs. They place fake advertisements in strategic areas of Lekki, Ajah, Banana Island and even Ikoyi after which they also scout around, looking for fine and healthy-looking men.

As soon as they succeed in getting a victim, they drive the person to their apartment where they torture him for hours. While torturing their victim, they would extract all information about him including his financial status.

“As soon as they are in possession of those personal facts, they swing into action by proceeding to his house or banks to empty his money and other valuables. The second round of their operation is to subject their victim to hours of anal sex which they take turns to have their fill. They usually record their exploits on video and later relax to view it while enjoying their loot,” a police source said, according to Vanguard.

It was gathered that their criminal exploits were blown open after they succeeded in luring and abusing a relation of a mobile police officer.

The officer then complained to officers at one of the police stations in Lekki.

Based on this development, the Commissioner of Police, Adegoke Fayoade, gave marching orders to his special squad to round up the criminals without delay.

The Special Squad, it was learned, succeeded in penetrating the gang and rounded up seven of their members including their oldest member said to be a lawyer.

During interrogations, members of the gang said that their victims were healthy-looking young and old men who would satisfy their sexual urges.

The source said, “They reportedly shocked detectives when they confessed that they had been operating for over three years and that they choose highbrow areas where they could easily track well-nourished and endowed men.”

A police source added, “They were boasting to us about how many healthy-looking men they have abused through the anus. They said they reject men who are not looking healthy, stating emphatically that they have no business with women.

“After their arrest, we confined them in separate cells so that they would not descend on our male suspects inside the cell.

“However, a few days later, one of them raised the alarm that the oldest member of the gang who claimed to be a lawyer was having the same affair with a member of the gang. When we accosted him, he said the relationship had been going on since they had been operating as a gang.

“Our greatest problem now is that some members of the devilish gang have escaped and we strongly suspect that they must be carrying on with their devilish criminal acts wherever they are.

“We are spreading our dragnets and we are sure that very soon, we will round all of them up. I must state that if not for the swiftness with which our Commissioner directed the operation, many men in Lagos State would have been endangered species by now.”

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