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Sunday 2 July 2023

Ogun: When Akin Onigbinde left philosophy behind

One  of the features of philosophy that define it's uniqueness as compass of good judgement and sound conclusion is Logical Reasoning, it is  intrinsically key to

the study of philosophy and quest for truth.

In that wise, nothing would have been more shocking and bizarre than when a  Professor of Philosophy willingly silenced  the voice of logic and opted for assumption out of sentiment and predilection. Going through what appeared like a censored interview  for image laundering, Professor Akin Onigbinde, a long-time beneficiary of Gbenga Daniel, seriously goofed when he ascribed Dapo Abiodun's victory at the poll in 2019 to Otunba Gbenga Daniel.

While this position remains an opinion of the don, as an 'Opinion Leader ' it is, therefore, expected of the university teacher to bring forth informed opinion on any issue whatsoever, that is devoid of weak judgement and mere sentiment.

Professor Onigbinde, who was a former  'Consultant' to Daniel on Research and Documentation must have documented and have in his archive how Daniel ignominiously failed to produce a successor as a  sitting governor,  and went immediately to political oblivion after leaving office in 2011.

The university teacher  must have researched and discovered the type of administration Daniel superintended while he paid billions of naira as Consultancy services on white  elephant projects that never saw the light of the day and thereby plucked the State to a big mess of debt till today.

The Professor of Philosophy must also have in his archive how Daniel became so unpopular and totally rejected by the people of Ogun State towards the tale end of his administration, after it was discovered that he was trading in falsehood and ran an administration firmly rooted in deception.

Now, as a man who teaches the concept of critical reasoning and sound argument, Professor Akin Onigbinde must tell us what has changed in the political influence of Gbenga Daniel between 2011 when he left the stage as governor unceremoniously and 2019 that Dapo Abiodun emerged as Governor.

Is Baba telling us that a Governor who was largely humiliated in his party and prevented from securing a ticket for his preferred candidate not to talk of winning election had suddenly   become so powerful eight years after to determine the electoral success of a man in another party. Haba, Prof! What has happened to philosophy in you, sir?

I believe if Professor Akin Onigbinde had realized the dept of backlash his  interview would elicited, he wouldn't have agreed to the terms of this 'deal'  from Daniel, despite being his former boss, this is the same way the former governor recently contacted a dismissed official of Afenifere to impersonate the noble organization for selfish interest, until the socio-cultural group came out to disown the poor man.

Perhaps, Professor Onigbinde forgot to document how Daniel came cap in hand to solicit for political asylum in APC immediately after the 2019 general elections, and brazenly dumped his principal, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in cold.

Beyond any reasonable doubt, the aforementioned have clearly punctured  the opinion of Professor Akin Onigbinde as lesser in logic and distant from reality.

In conclusion, I don't want to believe that Baba Professor had been infected by Daniel's flair for betrayal, by the account of Prof's  confession  during the interview, where he revealed that he worked against the position of Afenifere, where he is a member to support Daniel of PDP in 2003; however, I am compelled to say " only iron attracts iron".

Bolaji Inaolaji writes from Sagamu.

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