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Monday 22 May 2023

Ladi Adebutu, a rogue running from his shadow


While discussions were ongoing about the controversial journey the Peoples  Democratic Party, PDP's  candidate in the March 18th governorship election, in Ogun State,  Hon. Oladipupo Adebutu, claimed to have embarked upon for alleged threats to his life, in the face of plethora evidences against him concerning the role he played to manipulate electoral process and truncate  democratic process; his recent act of chicanery quickly gave him out as a man of zero integrity and decency.

Since the court document filled by Adebutu at the Federal High Court, Abuja, dated May 19, 2023, to stop his arrest and possible prosecution surfaced  online, many have continued to wonder why Adebutu, who gave contradictory excuses of traveling abroad for medical attention and at the same time for the reason of his safety against acclaimed threats to his life quickly approached the honourable court for cover, and protection from the long arm of law.

Adebutu, instead of addressing the core of his atrocities revolving around  electoral fraud and money laundering, as substantially  established by anti-graft agency and the police,  he continued with his journey of falsehood  and mischievously claimed he is being victimized in order to prevent him from pursuing his case at the tribunal; what a blatant liar!

It is rather unfortunate that Adebutu and his collaborators have forgotten that on the basis of natural justice, "He who wants equity must come with clean hands", this is a man that brazenly violated the electoral act by distributing preloaded verve cards worth of N2.4bn across all polling units in the State on the day of election, with criminal  notion of coming to  power through the backdoor of voting buying.

Rather than submitting himself to the law enforcement agencies honorably and allow the law to take it's cause or at least exhibit some level of remorse after realizing that his misdeeds are already in the public glare, Adebutu chose to abuse judiciary process by calling for protection against justice.

Indeed, Adebutu and his party, the PDP should be ashamed of themselves for orchestrating anti-democratic tendencies in the most disheartening manner; by their action and body language, they have eloquently told the people of Ogun State that they are not the type that could be trusted with power.

Of course, every action and utterance of the PDP's candidate in the pre-election period and after the election have exposed Adebutu as a man of unimaginable penchant for manipulation, dishonesty and violent reaction, he has not in any way showcased any iota of leadership strength and capacity.

I have no doubt in my mind that the honorable court will swiftly throw out his frivolous prayers before it and appropriately sanction him for his intent to abuse judicial process and waste the precious time of the court.

Timothy Tella writes from Ijebu-ode.

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