Friday 22 December 2023


By Yusuf Olatunji 

In order to eliminate illegal street trading and provide succour to seasonal traders who always flood the streets especially roadsides and setbacks during festive periods to make quick sales without due regards to environmental and health considerations,the Ogun state government has commenced " Boot Sales Markets" to solve the perennial problem in the state capital, Abeokuta.

In a statement signed by the Commissioner for Environment, Ola Oresanya,the Boot Sales Markets which are currently operational are at the M.K.O. Abiola International Stadium Kuto and Farmers Market, Asero Abeokuta opening from nine o'clock in the morning to four o'clock in the evening daily.

The unconventional markets have allowed  seasonal traders to take advantage of the festival period to display their products and wares in the boots of their cars, vans and makeshift stalls to prospective and willing buyers in organized, healthy and safe environment  instead of selling illegally on roadsides thereby constituting nuisance to motorists and pedestrians during this festive period.

For seamless sales,all forms of wares, foodstuffs and utensils were allowed at the M.K.O. Abiola International Stadium while those that deals with livestock products such as Chickens,Eggs and Turkey are at the Farmers Markets in Asero.

While praising seasonal traders that have taken advantage of the two markets to display and sell their wares, products, foodstuffs and other items,he called on others that are yet to do so to move to either of the two Boots Sales Markets as the state government will allow sales in authorized and open places during this festive season as it is against the state environmental law. 

"We will not take it lightly with any seasonal traders found in all these unauthorized open places such as roadsides,verges and medians.They are not meant for trading as any one of them caught will be treated as environmental offender".

"It is in order to avoid this and give them the opportunity to sell outside the conventional market that the state government established Boot Sales Markets.The seasonal traders should just take advantage of the opportunity and do their trading in these organised and environmentally friendly Boot Sales Markets"

These,Oresanya said will allow for a healthy, cleaner environment during the festive period and give the seasonal traders the latitude to do their business unmolested by environmental marshalls who will be out to apprehend environmental offenders during the period.

He also urge the traders to comport themselves in an orderly manner to justify government's decision to introduce the unconventional Car Boot Sales Markets and called on the general public to patronize them so that the aims of the market would be achieved.

The Boots Sales Markets will end on the eve of the New Year at the two venues and will reopen again in the two venues and other proposed venues in other major cities of the state during next year's festive periods.

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