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Tuesday 3 October 2023

Tribute to Speaker Tajudeen Abass at 58

By Philip Agbese 

In the realm of legends, where time intertwines with valor and courage, there exists a sacred memory reserved for the great leaders. These indomitable souls, with hearts of fire and spirits of steel, transcend the mortal plane to etch their names upon the annals of history. Their leadership decisions become the embodiment of our collective aspirations, inspiring us to dream, to strive, and to believe in the extraordinary power that lies within each of us.

A man of such noble personality is Speaker Tajudeen Abass who is celebrating life at 58 in an outstanding leadership position as the Speaker of the House of Representatives for the 10th National Assembly. This highly resourceful Kaduna-born lawmaker no doubt is a man of impeccable character and his moral standing as well as intellect depth is far beyond any trace. He thus can be referred to as a product that can market itself.

Hon. Abass' Speakership ambition was indeed faithfully endorsed by several professional bodies and a large majority of the newly elected and re-elected members of the House of Representatives, owing to the fact that he’s a man known to have an exceptional rare gift of leadership.

He has distinguished himself as the only federal lawmaker from the North-West who has thus far sponsored an unprecedented 74 bills. He is also the first in the history of democracy in Nigeria to have sponsored such several bills and remains the first to have over 25 of his bills signed into law by the President, adding this can only be achieved by someone with the zeal and passion for his country’s greatness.

Throughout his tenure, Speaker Abass has proven himself to be a people-minded individual, consistently demonstrating a genuine concern for the welfare of Nigerians.

Tajudeen Abass has consistently placed the needs and aspirations of the Nigerian people at the forefront of his agenda. His unwavering commitment to the welfare of citizens has been evident in his legislative initiatives and policy decisions. From championing social welfare programs to advocating for improved healthcare and education, Speaker Abass has worked tirelessly to address the pressing issues that affect the everyday lives of Nigerians.

Hon Abass is a man of the people, and principle, one who is committed to the ideals of democracy and good governance. He is also a man of action. He is not content to simply talk about change; he is committed to making it happen in no time.

His dedication to the people has earned him the respect and admiration of both his colleagues and the citizens he serves, further convincing every one of his colleagues that he is the best prepared and most qualified person to be the Speaker of the 10th Assembly

One of Speaker Abass’ most remarkable qualities is his deep compassion for others. He has consistently demonstrated genuine empathy towards the less privileged and has tirelessly worked to uplift their lives. Through various humanitarian initiatives, Speaker Abass has assisted the most vulnerable members of society, including internally displaced persons, victims of violence, and those affected by natural disasters. His efforts have not only provided immediate relief but have also paved the way for long-term solutions to address the root causes of poverty and inequality.

Speaker Abass’ compassionate leadership has had a profound impact on the lives of countless Nigerians. His commitment to improving healthcare has resulted in increased access to quality medical services, particularly in rural areas where such services were previously scarce. Through his efforts, more Nigerians have been able to receive essential medical care, leading to improved health outcomes and an overall enhancement of the country’s healthcare system.

 Abass’ focus on education has facilitated greater access to quality education for Nigerian youths. By advocating for policies that prioritize educational infrastructure, teacher training, and scholarships, he has empowered countless young individuals to pursue their dreams and contribute to the development of the nation. His emphasis on education as a tool for empowerment has not only transformed individual lives but has also contributed to the overall progress of Nigeria.

His sincerity and honesty have had a profound impact on the parliament. He has been a vocal advocate for the people, consistently pushing for reforms that benefit the citizens. His principled stance has earned him the respect of his colleagues, who have come to see him as a trustworthy and reliable lawmaker.

As Speaker Tajudeen Abass celebrates his 58th birthday, it is important to recognize his exceptional leadership, compassion, and humanitarian efforts. His commitment to the welfare of Nigerians and his dedication to improving the lives of the less privileged have left an indelible mark on the nation. Speaker Abass’ people-minded approach and unwavering compassion serve as an inspiration to current and future leaders, reminding them of the importance of servant leadership and the transformative power of empathy.

Hon Tajudeen Abbas has taken on the monumental task of redefining democracy in Nigeria and he has already made significant strides in achieving this goal. Since his resumption into office, he has made it a priority to clean up the corruption and inefficiency that has plagued the parliament for years. His actions over time have proven to all and sundry that he is enviably educated and eminently experienced to preside over the affairs of the House.

Celebrating the 58th birthday is a heroic journey that has formed different pillars upon which a new generation of heroes would stand. These are people who will also leave their tales woven into the very fabric of our nation's existence.

From the valiant Hercules, whose twelve labors spoke of strength and resilience, to the wise and cunning Odysseus, whose odyssey became a testament to the power of perseverance, these figures continue to captivate our collective imagination, but we are now privileged to witness the reality of this existence right before our very own eyes, the real captivating life-changing experience of Tajudeen Abass is a testament we are to learn from.

As Nigerians gather to celebrate these luminous beacons of hope, these paragons of humanity who have left indelible marks upon the tapestry of time, Hon Abass' journey reminds everyone that, even in the face of adversity, greatness can be achieved.

We raise our voices, our pens, and our hearts in celebration of this immortal soul who has touched our lives in ways we may never fully comprehend. His stories remind us that within each of us lies the potential to be the hero of our narrative. Let us draw inspiration from his courage, resilience, and unwavering belief in the transformative power of humanity and leadership.

For in the celebration of living heroes like Hon Tajudeen Abass, we celebrate the very essence of what it means to be human, and as we celebrate his birthday, let us honor Speaker Abass’ legacy by continuing to prioritize the well-being of Nigerians, and working towards a more inclusive and prosperous nation for all.

*Agbese MHR is the member representing Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo Federal Constituency and the Deputy Spokesman, of the 10th Assembly.*

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