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Thursday 5 October 2023

Pelican Valley Boss, Reiterates Readiness To Support, Restore Hope In Nigerian Youths

.......As He Sues For Love Amongst Security Agencies

By Yusuf Olatunji 

The CEO of foremost Real Estate in Nigeria, Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, Ambassador (Dr.) Babatunde Adeyemo has reiterated his readiness to support Nigerian youths and restore hope in them, as he sued for love amongst Security agencies in Ogun state.

 Adeyemo, who is the ECOWAS Youths Ambassador, made this known to newsmen at the Kick-off Match between Nigeria Customs and Nigeria Immigration of 3rd SWAN Security/Safety Cup held at MKO Abiola Stadium, Kuto, Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital.

He commended the organizer of the competition, Sports Writers' Association of Nigeria (SWAN) for the initiative, and eulogized the media practitioners for been proactive in their job.

While expressing the benefits of the competition, he described it as an avenue that will help the security agencies in the state to relax and be physically and mentally sound and create love. 

"By the virtue of been a Youth Ambassador, i was Investitured  as the ECOWAS Youths Ambassador, any time i hear of youth, my ear is always standing; because i believe i am Ambassador of hope for Nigerian Youths. If i can pick up something that is so much capital intensive and bringing up to simile household, is an example for Nigerian average youths that they can also do it without been fraudulent or been in to any form of vises. So, anything that has to do with youth, i want to support. If I'm called upon to fulfil any form of responsibility, i will partner in my own little way. 

"I want to say a very big thank  to Ogun SWAN. Though I'm not surprise because i know we Journalists have the ability to take over any responsibility in Nigeria. We think ahead, we are proactive but just unfortunate that Journalists are always very busy. 

"It will enhance their physical well being and their delivery. It will enhance coexistence between government agencies. So, when they have love within themselves, that where they can keep and enforce the love and peaceful coexistence between the citizens of the Nation generally.

"When we talk of expectation, definitely is going to be successful. You can see from the beginning, when we talk of crowd and the people is really very encouraging. It is going to be an opportunity for anybody to ease their tention. I also want to urge all Ogun indigens to come around to see what is happening here. You can see down here, wile away time because it is not all about 'walk walk' all the time, these people are playing like Professionals.

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