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Monday 5 June 2023

Sowunmi and the display of arrogance, self importance at the gate of Ogun Election Tribunal

By Olayemi Festus Oke

1. Sowumi should be held responsible for the short-lived commotion that took place outside the Isabo High Court venue of the State Election Tribunal which held its first sitting today.  

2. He had no regard for the Tribunal and law enforcement agents as he insisted he must access the court premises well after the Tribunal had started sitting. Of course, other law-abiding APC and PDP supporters present resisted his insensitive display of arrogance, self-importance,  over-bloated ego, and disorderly conduct. 

3. Matters came to a head when some aggrieved PDP supporters started abusing and cursing him for allegedly partly causing the  PDP's  loss in the last governorship election in the state. They were more vociferous in insisting that he must leave the court premises. They  were heard angrily asking in the Yoruba language: "Ki ni oloshi  ati odale yi wa se ni bi?" That is, "What has this stupid man and traitor come to do here". They did not want him around and he was chased out.

 4. From all indications, Sowunmi came with a mission to cause commotion and disrupt the proceedings of the Election Tribunal. But sadly, he met resistance from the more civilized supporters of both APC and PDP. He is clever by half by playing the victim and dubiously using the scene he deliberately created to castigate the APC-led government of Prince  Dapo Abiodun. 

5. Sowunmi had the time to come to the court earlier if indeed he wanted to watch the proceedings of the Tribunal. He met a peaceful atmosphere at the court on arrival, which he destabilized so much with noise that the Tribunal had to send words across to warn everyone outside the courtroom to be of good conduct.

  6. There was also peace after Sowunmi the troublemaker was shamed, and he left the court hurriedly with his thugs,  with his tail behind his limbs. No other PDP member was affected. Even the CSO to Ladi,  a retired senior police officer,  was at court throughout today's sitting of the Tribunal. He was seen exchanging pleasantries and banters around. He was neither harassed nor hounded due to his civilized comportment.

 7. More instructively, the Tribunal rounded off today's sitting on a very peaceful note despite Sowunmi's failed attempt to disrupt proceedings.

 8. The police should call Sowunmi to order, and further cause him to sign an undertaking to maintain good conduct any time he comes to the venue of the  Tribunal. The police should also warn all troublemakers to stay away from the venue, and that nobody including the "imperial" and imperious Sowunmis of this world would be indulged to wait until the Tribunal has started sitting before trying to force their way in. The false sense of the importance of such persons will be badly bruised. They should be reminded that the commotion ensuing from an attempt by anyone to force himself into the courtroom after the commencement of the proceedings of the Tribunal amounts to disorderly conduct and contempt outside the Tribunal for which the person or persons concerned could be charged, prosecuted, and jailed.

The questions are : 

How come notable PDP chieftains were in court attended proceedings and left without incident 

How come it was Segun Sowunmi who is totally inconsequential in the scheme of things in Ogun Politics that was now purportedly attacked 

Where are his supposed followers that were injured 

The truth is that Segun Sowunmi came to outside the court premises to ferment  trouble and cry wolf as why was there peace till got there this was obviously the script they planned to play  

Party lost elections will lose at the tribunal..

What does anyone stand to gain by attacking Sowunmi 

What electoral value does he possess 

Except for blabbing like an empty  barrel

The police must investigate this incident 

Everyone knows Dapo Abiodun is synonymous with peace even at extreme provocation.

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