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Monday 22 May 2023

Temptation Is A Respecter Of Nobody -- Pastor Dahunsi Urges Christians To be Steadfast With Absolute Faith In God

By Sakiru Olopade

Christians have been reminded that temptation is a respecter of nobody, and  therefore, christians must be on the side of God at all times without looking here and there but to be rather firm and remain steadfast in Him , no matter the situation.

The advice was given by Pastor David Adeniyi Dahunsi, the resident pastor of God Is Able Covenant Mission, Inc , Ita oshin, Abeokuta, during the Sunday service ministration at the church auditorium.

Pastor Dahunsi, stressed that nobody is above temptation, regardless of the people's position or status,  even  good relationship with God did not matter as  Apostle Peter, Abraham, Isaac, even Jesus Christ were tempted  at one point or the other , but one thing that is certain is that once they are in the right tune with God, and remain committed to God's service, they would overcome the temptation.

The clergy man cum gospel singer, using  Daniel as a case study ( Daniel 6: 1- 16) who was discovered to be with the spirit of excellence and  the most preferred by king Darius amongst his fellow men, such as the three presidents, the governors and the princes  was being jealous and these men came up with their evil merchandise against Daniel but because he was on the side of God, their evil plan could not materialize.

" You should know that your kinsmen or close friends could be the source of your temptation, so do not rely on men but rest completely  on God and He will save you from any temptation that may rise against you." ------ Pastor Dahunsi stated.

He disclosed that during the period of temptation, it always  appear  as if God does not answer prayers but it is not so , according to the man of God, it is time of testing people's faith and at the fullness of time, God's intervention would come.

Pastor Dahunsi, therefore , warned people not to forsake God or backslide during the period of temptation but rather be more committed because anything short of that could spell doom  with adverse consequences.

" Any attempt to forsake God or backslide during trial does not make God happy and that period such person is on his own and it will take longer period before God will listen to such person, even, after you might have retraced  your steps back to God ."-------he warned.

The man of God, equally, clamoured against blaming others for any temptation, instead, take it by the strides.

He cited the case of Rachel who bare Jacob no children, envied her sister while accusing Jacob, saying," Give me children or else I die ", as if it was Jacob that was responsible for her predicament.( Gen  30: 1-2)

In the same vein, pastor Dahunsi emphasized that another means of tackling temptation was to be highly versed in the word of God by using God's words in the time of trials as it can be found in the book of Matthew 4: 10, after  Jesus Christ had fasted for forty days and forty nights and Satan came to tempt Him but Jesus sent him packing with the words of God, declaring," Get thee hence, satan : for it is written, thou shalt worship the Lord, thy God , and him alone shalt thou serve." And immediately, the devil left Jesus Christ , angels came and ministered to Him.

The sermon was rounded off with a call that people should form the habit of praying for those that are working in the vineyard of God because they are more prone  to temptation , with assurance that anybody that sincerely imbibe  the habit , is not doing it in vain but  would certainly be rewarded by God .

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