EWEKORO LG: WORKERS USHER IN 1ST WORK DAY IN 2023 WITH INTERDOMINAL PRAYER SESSION...Engineer Ayoade admonishes staffs to be up and doing. - oguncitynews


Wednesday 4 January 2023

EWEKORO LG: WORKERS USHER IN 1ST WORK DAY IN 2023 WITH INTERDOMINAL PRAYER SESSION...Engineer Ayoade admonishes staffs to be up and doing.


By Sakiru Olapade

The Head of Local Government Administration, Ewekoro Local Government, Engr Ayoade A.A. has admonished the members of the council workforce to be up and doing in the discharge of their duties in the year 2023.

 Engr.Ayoade Anthony gave the charge during the interdenominational prayer sessio

n to commemorate the beginning of new year, 2023 as members of staff who gayly dressed returned to the office after the new year break.

   A reputable engineer and an astute administrator, advised them to do their work with the fear of God in order to go about their duties in all honesty without prejudice.

 " Let us see our work as a call to duty , that we are serving God, even if people do not recognize your efforts, relax as God knows how to compensate you."-----he added.

  He stressed that they should stop running after richies but rather rely on God for ever lasting richies.

 " When the blessings of God comes , you can build house in two months." ---- Engineer Ayoade emphasised.

  Earlier, he had appreciated the executive chairman, Hon Adesina Sikiru Adisa for his love for the members of staff while equally appreciating the chairman of Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees, Ewekoro branch, Comrade Abdulsalam Ibrahim for his undiluted love and selfless service  towards the welfare of staffs.

  Engineer Ayoade , also expressed his gratitude to the Directors of various departments for their cooperation.

  Pastor Isaac Solomon of the Mountain of Fire and Miracle, made the disclosure that every man is created to discover his life, thereby charging people to discover themselves,their place so that they could Excel in life and become what God wants them to become.

  " Some find no fulfilment in life , it is because they are not doing their job properly."---the clergyman reaffirmed.

   Pastor Isaac, therefore appealed to workers to use the new year to redefine their lives and vision while ensuring that they involve God in any of the assignment before them.

" Whenever you are called to do any assignment, you need the grace of God to stand out in your place of assignment. Jesus says, "without me you can do nothing."---- he stated.

 He enjoined them to do away from friends that may hinder the fulfilment of God promises in their lives in year 2023.

 " There are friends you will need to cut off this year in order to achieve your aim, associating with them does not add to you but reducing you, so cut them off, everybody can not be your friend."-----the man of God concluded.

    The Islamic cleric , Sheik Farike Ahmad, Imam of Central Mosque, Jagunna, quoting from the holy Quran, chapter 5, verses 104, urged workers not to joke with their lives and avoid all dangerous adventures.

   " Protect your life , it is when you are life that you can join others in the celebration of 2024 ."

    Sheik Farike Ahmad, said God had good plans for them this year but they must run away from sin in order for the fulfilment of God promises to come to pass in their lives.

 " Since it has been written and endorsed that you will achieve good things by Allah , its fulfilment lies in your hands, so go and reform your soul , in accordance with Allah's will and commandment ."

     Prayers were offered for the executive chairman, Hon Adesina Sikiru Adisa and other political functionaries, Head of Local Government Administration, Directors of departments, and the entire members of the council workforce.

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