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Wednesday 14 December 2022

2023: Pleasure time politicians are behind the problem of Ogun Labour Party- Sogunle

By Yusuf Olatunji

The governorship candidate of Labour Party in Ogun State ( LP), Hon. Kehinde Sogunle has disclosed that the problem of the party in the state was emanated by those he described as pleasure time politicians that don't have good intention for the Nigerians' future.

He noted how the individuals and some Association joined hands together to form the party, and its state before some defectors joined it from another party and they later left it with those that are using politics for their pleasure time.

He added that, the primary elections of the party that made him to be the flag bearer followed due process but his name was not on the INEC list due to nonchalant attitude of the party officials in the state.

He stated the position of the DG for presidential campaign of the party, Dr. Doyin Okupe and described his suspension by some party stalwart in the state as illegal. 

Sogunle also disclosed the strategy that the party will use to win in the coming 2023 general elections. He however highlighted some of his agenda for the betterment of the state if he elected as the governor of the state.

"Everybody know labour party before March of this year is a very small Party  within 2014/2015 when people came from PDP, joined the party and extended it and they  later go back to PDP and left it with few people who are i called 'Pleasure time in politics' that are using it for their pleasure time in politics. The party was chosen by stakeholders who believe in future of Nigeria. If you look at labour party, PRP, NNPP and the Labour their caption for labour party was linkage to labour. The NLC and TUC and the  labour union who also show serious interest in participating this time around  that moved from advocacy. So they merged with other interest goals. I belong to  one of them which is RCM, Some of us are professionals. So we all marge together, NLC, TUC and   chose labour party as the vehicle we will use to proceed the election this time around. It was quite attractive enough in so far of performance of Peter Obi.

"We did our primaries  according to INEC time table, I got the ticket in June 9, 2022. Up till now most of us who contested we are not got our name listed with INEC. That is why we are asking question whether I was chosen or no. I am an experience person, i cannot be jumping on street when i know that any name on the INEC list is actually are most contesting that are confirmed as candidate. We saw that some of the party functionaries particularly from this state have being playing games with the nomination list. On INEC list they are not truthful to us as candidates to the party, So we pushed for some attention at the national level. We realised that they were late in submitting our  details to INEC portal and they said we are late. We were ready by June 15, the portal closed by July 22. Within June 15 we got no explanation. The explanation we got is that we have to go to court and that court takes like four months. Even when court take a decision, we go to appeal. We saw some of deliberate  The way we pushed it, we realised that even the case this guys are embarrassed to party and mess up. Any moment from now, we are getting our own court decision to get our name on ballot. 

"The state organ of the party saying they have vote of no confidence on the National chairman or state officers of the party saying the DG of campaign for presidential candidate is suspended for not  paying 100 par month for six years. We all joined this party in May and everybody was coming inside, so I don't know who involved so many of us about paying subscription. When we are coming to the party, this Dr. Okupe was the presidential candidate of PDP and he stepped down for Peter Obi. Labour party is the party that is more transparent. Ticket apart, but the party must be healed. 

"The basic criteria to actually contest for an election is to have a valid primary. I have a valid primary and if doesn't favour me now, after that elections since party has valid primary that elections will be cancelled. Even if to extend it doesn't favour, i will contribute my own quotas to change in Nigerian. Look at the changes, the fact that Nigerians are ready. END SARS is an indicator to revolution and they have realised that they can't do it on the street, they have to do it by ballot. People are saying they online. They physical and working actively in devoting there time to making sure that this stand for them will not be wasteful.

"People in the grass root will follow what we call the opinion leaders. This youths constitute 70% of the voting population and they have a lot of influences on those people we call grass root. In Ogun state, I can show you the map, Ado/ Odo-Ota is not grass root that is the highest population voter followed by Obafemi/Owode. If you can mobilise people in those areas, Sagamu, Ifo, Obafemi/Owode and Ado/Odo-Ota constitute 60% of the voters. What happens in the city centre, affect what happens in the grass root. We are working on Data we are not just  walking around and I have been the head of political strategy since 2001. 

"Tell me what do they spend the money on? Today Nigerians are wise that money given to them is just for three or two months. Those new analysis about mobilizing people, working on people data and lot more targeting your vote , targeting your campaign are the things that will defined. Another thing is that, people are getting information by the day, they are very clear about the issues. 

"The first thing i will do, would be done which is rescue the party because Unstable political system has impact on governance. We will look at the reality of Ogun state by look at critical things that will support the economical of the state. The issue Ogun state has is economy. We are very enlighten and  very exposing. The first thing is security. The second thing is Human capital development and delibrating economy drive that will drive the wealthy creation. The construction, The entertainment, The agriculture and services.

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