Sunday 21 August 2022


 Terry Gibson on Casemiro: "It might be a tough start for him right now at Man Utd but if you look at his qualities, his pedigree, his career, and his experience - it should be a success. But I think it's important that United use him exactly the same way as Madrid did. 

I think it would be disrespectful to Fred and McTominay [to say he'll replace them both], but you are talking about a player that’s played for Real Madrid for a decade and won five Champions Leagues. He should be an obvious upgrade. My hope is that he’ll play in front of the back four on his own. 

He should be that first line of defence in front of the back four. I hope for United's sake they can ask him to do exactly the same job he did at Real, which is quite straightforward but he does it really well and really effectively. 

I think he's better suited playing as that one holding midfield player and allowing others to go and express themselves…Casemiro is a serial winner in terms of his mentality."

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